Gold Note: TUBE-1006

Rør Utgangstrinn til oppgradering av Gold Note enheter som CD-1000 og DS-1000 og P-1000. Tube 1012 består av 6 rør.

NOK42 700,00 inkl. mva.
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TUBE-1006 is our new gift to audiophiles love vacuum tubes, simply the best way to increase the musical pleasure and the performance of any Gold Note source.

With this dedicated unit, the 1000 series can be enhanced with a pure Class A Tube output unit to achieve a new level of sound quality thanks to the exclusive 6 double triode independent Class A tube design.

TUBE-1006 is driven by a massive linear Dual Mono power supply to enhance audio details, dynamic and power, improving the audio output and the bandwidth response with its six stages performed by the tubes, always with very low distortion.

To offer the highest quality we carefully selected the tubes and designed a pure Class A gain output stage perfectly shielded to guarantee an incredible silente background and to be easily matched with almost any kind of amplifier.

The TUBE-1006 features RCA unbalanced and real XLR balanced outputs, and additionally two dedicated XLR 5 pin gold-plated connectors to transfer the audio signal at the best and be automatically controlled via GN sources.

Improving a Solid State Unit with a pure Class A Tube stage has never been easier and more effective than today.


The TUBE-1006 is able to enhance Gold Note sources to reach new high level of sonic performances through the Class A 6 tubes output stage


Our proprietary Totem-Pole Output Stage design, with six independent stages per single tube, enhances ultra-wide bandwidth response preserving very low distortion


TUBE-1006 it´s easy to connect and easy to control also featuring a dedicated MUTE button