Gold Note: DS-10

En komplett sak - liten i størrelse men stor i ytelse: Streamer + DAC + hodetelefonforsterker + forforsterker (kun digitale tilkoblinger)

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The most complete D/A converter

A new generation DAC which integrates a converter, a streamer and a headphone amp in one single box.

DS-10 represents the state of the art among our digital signal decoding electronics, but it is much more than a DAC. The experience gained with the top of the line model DS-1000 and the addition of innovative features of the IS-1000 integrated amp and streamer have led us to designing this smaller all-in-one unit: a DAC/Streamer with AES-EBU digital inputs typical of the professional market, a headphone output and advanced connectivity to use all available streaming services and much more for a fresh and new experience of digital music at an accessible High-End level.


DS-10 is designed to cover the needs of the contemporary audiophile completing any audio system offering almost all kind of Internet and Digital connectivity with the purity of the premium Gold Note High-End audio sound performance in a convenient elegant shape. DS-10 is an innovative D/A Converter inspired from the acclaimed top model DS-1000 merging the extended features of IS-1000 All-In-One unit adding even something more. Most importantly, it’s quick to install and easy to use every day making DS-10 a complete unit to be integrated into any High-End audio system.


DS-10 is a new generation D/A Converter & UPnP, DLNA Streamer created to revolution any audio system being able to browse Web Streaming Players and Digital Sources.

DS-10 can be matched with traditional CD players, TV or Media Servers as well as it is compatible with almost all internet services including Roon, Tidal, Qobuz, Airplay, Spotify, Deezer, V-Tuner, from which it can play DSD, PCM & MQA formats all to enjoy real “High-End Audio” as a new refreshing experience, hassle and cable free. You can connect your devices via Wifi/LAN but also via the last generation high definition digital Bluetooth 5.0 to guarantee best performance and easy connectivity with any device matched.

Thanks to its versatile design DS-10 converts D/A audio via S/PDIF coaxial, TOS-optical, AES asynchronous PCM 24bit/192kHz inputs, one USB-B Host asynchronous for native and DoP DSD64/128 and PCM up to 32bit/384kHz. It also plays directly from HardDisk and USB sticks (FAT32/NTFS) via USB-A directly.

DS-10 is a true High-End Audio DAC capable of audiophile sound from digital files featuring Streamer & Network Player functions to help enjoying your favorite music always with the greatest audio quality, fully controlled via App, remote and front knob to make it works super easily.


DS-10 features an On/Off switchable High-End audio analogue preamp stage synchronized with all the remote control including a computer App which let the unit always play via the analogue stage, even with web players, guaranteeing the best performance ever.

DS-10 features a professional 6.3mm headphone output with a proprietary design which allows selecting the sensitivity to drive almost any kind of headphone of the market. It will always be playing pure audio without compromise. No digital, no poor quality volume controls.



DS-10 features a great mechanical structure made of solid machined aluminium which guarantees low frequency resonance and magnetic inertial field. The compact and iconic air vent design derives straight from the acclaimed PH-10 phono stage.


Thanks to its innovative and unique modular design DS-10 will optionally be able to perform a very special external power supply to effectively enhance the native performance of the unit.


The nice looking 2.8” TFT monitor shows the unit information and the App allows to fully control the unit’s functions. While the unit is also equipped with a handset remote control our proprietary SKC technology – Single Knob Control – makes it easy and quick to control DS-10 using a single joggle.


DS-10 DAC features easy set up Apple iOS and Android proprietary software for full control via iPhones and iPads as well as smart phones and tablets. The App makes it easy to fully control DS-10 synchronising the unit to all functions and lets even the Web Player play analogue volume when the preamp stage is activated.

En komplett sak - liten i størrelse men stor i ytelse: Streamer + DAC + forforsterker (kun digitale tilkoblinger)

Trenger man en analog inngang velger man DS-10 Plus (3,5mm minijack)

Sammen med Gold Note PA-10 effektforsterker i samme design har men et komplett musikksystem med effektforsterker som ikke tar mer plass enn 1 hylle.  PA-10 kan brokoples til 600W i 4 Ohm!!

Test av DS-10 i Mono & Stereo

For what it represents a feature, sonic and value-wise, I'm more than happy to grant Gold Note DS-10 a 2020 Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Product and Best Buy award.
 - Matej Isak

Best Buy AwardHighly Recommended Product Award


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