Lehmann Audio: Linear USB

Hodetelefonforsterker / Forforsterker med 1 par RCA inngang og 1 stk USB inngang + 2 stk hodetelefonutganger og 1 par RCA utgang.

NOK14 800,00 inkl. mva.


Sennheiser sin referance hodetelefonforsterker

En fantastisk liten boks - med rene high end kvaliteter. 
Sammen med Sennheiser HD 800 er dette den "perfekte match".

Spiller også selvfølgelig meget bra sammen med andre hodetelefoner enn Sennheiser.

Den er også utstyrt med 1 pre-out sånn at man kan bruke den som ren forforsterker og kople til en effektforsterker.

Linear er valgt av enkelte av våre kunder som forforsterker i high-end anlegg i 2-300 000 kroners klassen.

Gain kan endres mellom 0db, 10db, 18db og 20db
Med dette vil Linear USB kunne tilpasses de aller fleste hodetelefoner på markedet, med forskjellig følsomhet og impedance.

Leveres i sort og sølv

Computer and High End audio are no longer a contradiction. Do you have any idea how great your headphones really could sound playing files from your computer? Hear a Linear USB now and expect a surprise! 

The Linear USBs built in DAC is meticulously built with an integrated Burr Brown DAC and separate voltage regulators of the highest quality standard. The USB connector is only used for signal transport and not for power supply. 

Since the launch of the Linear USB there is a high end headphone amplifier to realize even the highest demands to reference quality headphone music reproduction. 

The selectable gain (0dB, 10dB, 20dB) of the Linear USB effectively optimizes the output level of the zero global feedback Class A output stage. Practically all high quality dynamic headphones available will show their best possible performance. Carefully selected top notch components and a highly sophisticated circuit design guarantee top performance listening pleasure. 

For stereo setups consiting of your computer and an additional analog source like a CD player or a turntable with a phono stage the Linear USB is the simplest and most effective active preamp one can think of. You don?t even have to care for input switching because the unit detects the USB audio signal automatically! 

The faceplate and the massive milled aluminium knob for the smooth running 27mm ALPS high grade volume control are available in anodized black or silver. 

To get the best out of your headphone from your computer you will have to try the Black Cube Linear USB.