Sanders Sound Systems: ESL MKII / Mono Effektforsterker / Klasse AB

MONO Effektforsterker 1 x 1200W 8 Ohm

NOK59 900,00 inkl. mva.
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The Sanders Sound Systems ESL amp is now available as a Monoblock power amplifier. Performance is similar to the ESL amplifier with the exception of dramatically increased power output capability! As with the Sanders Sound Systems ESL amplifier, the ESL Monobloc offers superb build quality, superlative sonics with extremely high output capability.


The quality of construction is typical of the finest components made today

All exterior and interior aluminum parts are anodized. Steel parts are powder-coated 

Resistors are high reliability, precision metal film, 1% tolerance. 

Capacitors are of the highest quality, and none are used in the signal path. 

Connectors are gold plated. Both balanced and unbalanced connectors are standard. 

Wire has been eliminated wherever possible. Where wire is necessary, it is silver-plated copper, 141 strand, 18 gauge, with silicone insulation. 

Kanaler 1
Effekt i 8 Ohm 1000W
Effekt i 4 Ohm 1600W 
Effekt i 2 Ohm  
Klasse A og/eller Klasse A/B AB
Balansert / Ubalansert Balansert
Innganger  RCA 1par
Innganger XLR 1 par 
Høyttalerterminaler 1 par
Slew Rate / Spenningsvariasjon 500V pr mikrosekund
Gain - Effekttrinn 26db 
Båndbredde DC -100kHz 
Forvrengning  THD Mindre enn 0,005% -20Hz til 20kHz ved full effekt  4-8Ω. 
Forvrengning TIM Mindre enn 0,004% - 20Hz til 20kHz ved full effekt 4-8Ω.
Signal / Støyforhold >120db 
Inngangsimpedance - ubalansert 100k Ohm
Inngangsimpedance - balansert 1k Ohm
Dempingsfaktor Høyere enn 600 v/8 Ohm
Finish Sort eller Sølv
Dimensjon  43cm x 40,6cm x 14cm
Vekt  25 kg
Garanti Norge 2 År