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Starting its commercial life as the MAS A1 amplifi er in 1979, The SOLILOQUY has been continually refi ned as faster output transistors and better components have become available.

In its present form, each channel is made up of essentially fi ve complete amplifier circuits, encompassing the linear gain input stage with high current output stage and four amplifier circuits whose role is to supply an absolutely stable voltage and current source irrespective of A.C. line condition.

The U.H.F. and R. F. circuit board techniques have been essential to ensure that the amplifier is unconditionally stable into any known loudspeaker load, including inductive electrostatics or low impedance ribbons.

Each mono-block amplifi er features two massive 800W mumetal toroidal transformers and a separate 200W mumetal toroidal to ensure that the high current output stage does not affect the low current input stage.

All connectors are of the highest quality, and every component, including the 40,000uF computer grade capacitors are directly connected to the printed circuit “high-current” board or separate “future-proof” input voltage amplifi er/discrete voltage regulator board for ease of servicing and to maintain the shortest possible signal path. 

What the critics said...

 “ So neutral though, is the Metaxas Opulence/Soliloquy set up that I could have used just about any sources I liked once the interconnecting cables were sorted. All I’d be hearing were the individual characteristics of the source components. However neutral or ‘naked’ the sound, the MAS doesn’t come oas ‘transistory’ or clinical ...

it had a feather-light touch and a way with tiny details that suggest either a pedigreed 60W or 70W per channel tube amp of recent vintage ...”

Ken Kessler, HI FI NEWS& RECORD REVIEW, England.

 “ It would make a perfect tool to assess equipment by. If any component is not in the top league, the amps will betray the culprit with surprising honesty. Its other great strength is the speed of delivery. It can keep up with the fastes of guitar runs and tambla rolls with a speed normally associated with single-ended valve amplifi ers”.

Alan Sircom, HI FI CHOICE, England.