Lehmann Audio: STAMP SE / Stereo Effektforsterker / Trefinish

Effektforsterker 2 X 20W

NOK23 990,00 inkl. mva.


The Stamp SE is a compact, trend-setting stereo amplifier which has caused a sensation in the audiophile world because of its impressive sound, combined with the high-class design of our attractive Linear SE. With its small size and the elegant housing variations it’s an antithesis to the clumsy power amp giants.

Whether it’s the calm in life’s stormy weather or a change in your daily routine, be they merry or melancholic notes: your music will always give you what’s just right for you at any given moment. Here our Stamp SE would like to spoil you with an impressive sound which goes deep under your skin. Besides the acoustic top performance our compact amplifier can also put an elegant, customisable design in the balance.

Like all our devices, the Stamp SE is manufactured in Germany with utmost care and fitted with premium components. For the next generation of our well-known Stamp we use capacitors from Mundorf in the signal path and an ahp microfuse. The former provide a greatly improved transient behaviour and spatial representation of your favourite sounds. SSC feet and a thicker housing wall gauge help dampen vibrations and microphonic effects. You’d rather assure yourself first-hand of the audible advancements. In addition, the technical overall picture is rounded out by the high-quality interior wiring from Mogami.

An experience for all your senses

The super compact Stamp SE delivers up to 2 x 20 W into 4 ohms. Loudspeakers with a sensitivity greater than 87 dB/1 W are perfect matches for this amplifier. Teamed with our Linear SE, the result is a puristic pre/power amp combo that’s going to give you an all new listening experience and even a true eye candy on top.

Due to the variants of the housing created by product designer Guido Gutenstein, the Stamp SE lives up to the highest aesthetic demands. These range from silk flat aluminium with a noble visusal appearance to high-gloss piano lacquer finish to high-grade real wood veneers. The manifold refinement options allow you to create your very personal high-end gem.

Technical Data
The impressing technical details of the Stamp SE.

Stamp SE 
Frequency response 12 Hz – 20000 Hz +/- 1 dB at 4 ohms 
Gain 20 dB 
Max. power 20 W per channel at 4 ohms 
Outer Dimensions:
W x D x H 120 mm x 296 mm x 59 mm 
Weight 2.75 kg