Gold Note: PA-10

2 x 75W 8Ohm / 2 x 150W 4 Ohm / 1 x 600W brokoplet / mono 4 Ohm

NOK18 250,00 inkl. mva.
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Her er Gold Note`s nye lille kraftkar

Ment å estetisk matche 10-serien til Gold Note og sammen med DS-10 er dette en flott pakke med streamer, DAC (digital forforsterker med analog utgang) og effektforsterker.

Masse krefter til å være så liten og en estetisk nytelse sammen med DS-10

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Kanaler 2 ( kan brokoples )
Effekt i 8 Ohm  Stereo 75W
Effekt i 4 Ohm  Stereo 150W 
Effekt i 2 Ohm 300W
Effekt i 4 Ohm  Mono 600W  ( brokoplet )
Balansert / Ubalansert  Ja
Innganger   1par  Ubalansert ( RCA )
Innganger  1 par Balansert  ( XLR )
Utganger 1 par balansert  ( XLR )
Høyttalerterminaler 1 par pr kanal
Frekvensrespons 10Hz - 30kHz  +/- 1db
Slew Rate / Spenningsvariasjon  
Forvrengning  THD 0,05%
Signal / Støyforhold  
Inngangsimpedance - ubalansert 13kOhm
Inngangsimpedance - balansert 13 kOhm
Dempingsfaktor Valgbar: høy eller lav
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Dimensjon   B 20cm x D 26cm x H 8cm
Vekt  4kg
Garanti  2 År


A fully balanced amplifier capable of conveying a considerable power of 600Watt per channel in mono.

Damping Factor

This useful system of damping factor selection permits setting the amplifier based on the needs of the connected loudspeakers.


The BTL technology enables bridging the stereo amplifier turning it easy into a mono power amplifier.

GN Link

This technology allows putting the amplifier into Master-Slave-Mode with other sources of the system for more user-friendliness.


PA-10 is Gold Note’s newest power amplifier of the smaller but not less efficient product range called Series 10. Characterized by great built quality and featuring selected audio components, PA-10 is capable of astounding power compared to its compact size and furthermore offers a wide range of functions such as our unique adjustable damping factor technology that lets you match the amplifier to your loudspeakers perfectly.


The PA-10 is the new power amplifier of the Gold Note Series 10 that can play either in Stereo or Mono (bridged) mode. Characterised by the greatest built quality and an impressive variety of functions, the PA-10 is an incredibly versatile power amplifier suitable for any modern High-End audio system. The aesthetic of the chassis is derived from the Series 10 products integrating the PA-10 seamlessly into a coherent concept inspired by the world- famous Italian style and Gold Note modular design.

The power amplifier is composed of a high-quality chassis made from heavy aluminum panels and accurately selected audio components. The idea behind the PA-10 was to design a power amplifier compact in size but capable of astounding power capable of driving any kind of loudspeakers. The new great proprietary technology developed for the PA-10 allows the amplifier to act like a Class A amplifier doubling its power while lowering the speaker impedance. It features a 75Watt @ 8Ω, 150Watt @ 4Ω and 300Watt @ 2Ω in stereo mode, and an amazing 300Watt @ 8Ω, 600Watt @ 4Ω in mono mode.

The PA-10 distinguishes itself with its great versatility, applying a lot of innovations Gold Note is now well known for. Starting from the adjustable Damping Factor, it allows a perfect pairing to any kind of speakers, from the most difficult to high-sensitivity and mini monitor, always providing the best matching.

The Bridge-Tied-Load technology (Mono mode) makes the PA-10 a super high-power amplifier able to virtually drive any speaker on the market. The XLR stereo output enables the PA-10 to be configured in series for convenient high quality multi-room solutions, made easy by the automatic On/ Stand-by mode based on the audio signal received.

The PA-10 comes with both RCA and XLR inputs. It optionally offers the possibility to be simultaneously connected to two different sources like the Gold Note PH- 1000 phono stage with volume control and the DS-10 4-in-1 DAC.

More user friendliness is given with the in-house In/Out GN Link technology which allows putting the amplifier in master-slave- mode with other units presenting the same feature.