CODA: V5a / 4 Kanals Effektforsterker

4 x 60W / 2 x 240W / 1 x 240W + 2 x 60W 8 Ohm

NOK72 500,00 inkl. mva.


Four channel mode, 60 Watts x 4 
Three channel mode, 240 Watts x 1 and 60 Watts x 2 
Two channel mode, 240 Watts x 2 

Precision bias Class-A/AB operation, Class-A to 8 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms 
FET input with bipolar current gain and no overall feedback 
Remote controlled balanced and unbalanced input selection 
Proprietary protection circuit guards against incoming DC and oscillation 
Remote controlled true standby circuit activates bias current in output stage 
Double-sided gold-plated circuit boards 
Eight 30 MHz output transistors each rated at 15 Amperes and 200 Volts per channel 

The V12 is a special-purpose amplifier for high-power multichannel applications. With four
separate channels which can be bridged into three- or two-channel modes, the V12 can be used for surround sound, 2.1 or high-power stereo sound. Internal relay switching provides distortion-free selection of balanced or unbalanced inputs. Input switching and true-standby bias toggle is ontrollable either from the front panel or an optional remote control.