Metronome: LeDac 2


DAC / Digital til Analog Converter

NOK88 000,00 inkl. mva.
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Så er tiden inne for neste generasjon DAC i CLASSICA serien fra de franske digitale mesterne.

Le DAC 2 by Métronome is the Brand’s entry range converter. With the classic Metronome design, it is intended for purists looking for high-end sound reproduction, at a modest price for this level of products. Le DAC allows playback of PCM files up to 384 kHz and DSDs up to 512 (DSD x8).

Improved electronics with each generation of devices give you a rendering that meets your audiophile requirements and is particularly lively.

Le DAC 2 is available in Black and Silver finishes.

LeDac 2 
Oppløsning 32 bit / 384kHz / DSD 256
Digital Inngang 1  1 stk 75 Ohm Spdif / Coax (RCA) 24bit/192kHz
Digital Inngang 2 1 stk Toslink / Optisk 24bit/192kHz
Digital Inngang 3 1 stk AES/EBU ( XLR ) 24bit/192kHz
Digital Inngang 4 1 stk USB B  32bit / 384kHz ( DSD )
Digital Inngang 5 I2S  HDMI
Digital Inngang 7 USB A for service
Analog Utgang  Ubalansert  2,5V RMS @ 0db-600 Ohm  RCA
Analog Utgang  Balansert  2,5V RMS @ 0db-600 Ohm  XLR
Intern strømforsyning EMI filter / 3 stk torodial trafoer / 7 separate regulation lines
Strømtrekk  50VA 
Dimensjon 450 x 420 x 120mm
Vekt  12kg 
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