Metronome: t/AQWO - CD / SACD drivverk med ekstern strømforsyning (Demosalg)

Drivverk for SACD / CD

Vi selger vår egen demo CD / SACD drivverk

NOK143 000,00 Førpris:NOK286 000,00 Rabatt -50% inkl. mva.


SACD drivverk med ekstern massiv strømforsyning
Det er ikke lettå hente mer ut av CD/SACD platene enn Metronome`s tAqwo gjør

En perfekt partner til Metronome cAqwo med I2S ( HDMI ) oppkopling for overføring av høyeste oppløsning ( DSD )

The Munich Show in 2018 was the beginning of an important redesign of all Métronome product ranges. The most outstanding change was the integration of SACD in our AQWO range devices.

Métronome´s grand expertise results in proposal of devices which are really adapted to your demands, either if you are a pure CD or SACD audiophile or a high resolution lover...

Highlights and design specifications:

Métronome developped three devices: a DAC + CD/SACD hybrid, a transport and a D/A converter, all three with the same quality standards both in terms of making and sound reproduction:

AQWO is the last generation of Métronome´s DAC+SACD/CD hybrids. Actually the first SACD player of the brand, it really is also a very high-end converter decoding DSD up to 512.

t|AQWO is a pure drive, and plays CDs and Super Audio CDs. It plays indifferently PCD or DSD layers in case of SACDs. t|AQWO has received "re-sampling" functionalities, allowing to transform the output signal in a very versatile way.

c|AQWO stands for a digital to analog converter amongst the more performants and of great musicallity. Using c|AQWO you will get the warmest and more emotional music sound together with the greatest detail. Conversion is realized through Asahi Kasei processors, integrated to specific proprietary electronics.

Design and manufacturing of all our products are made in our own workshops in the South of France.

t|AQWO and c|AQWO are equiped with the famous "ELEKTRA" power supply units