Gold Note: CD-1000 MKII DELUXE

Integrert CD spiller ( CD / DAC )

Oppgradert DAC til Burr Brown 1792A og USB DSD 24/352,8kHz

NOK62 400,00 inkl. mva.


CD-1000 MKII

Our awarded CD Player

A state-of-the-art CD-player which integrates both a digital and an analogue stage in one elegant unit

Our award-winning CD-Player proves that CDs are not a thing of the past yet. Housed in a beautiful brushed aluminium chassis, CD-1000 is made of high-quality components providing great audio performances and versatile utility: listen to your CD collection, stream music from the computer via USB, connect your TV or DVD-Player for High-End digital music pleasure. This solid state source creates natural clean, detailed and accurate sound and can be integrated into any High-End stereo system.


CD-1000 is a state-of-the-art CD-player that integrates digital stage and analogue stage in one, elegant source. 
In addition to being a CD-player, CD-1000 integrates also the DAC function featuring S/PDIF Coaxial and TOS-Optical digital inputs. The high-resolution D/A stage is entrusted to the top of the range converter from Burr Brown. It’s possible to choose between PCM1796 and PCM1792. The S/PDIF coaxial and TOS optical digital inputs are managed by the AKM receiver up to the frequency of 192kHz. Moreover, an USB port with a customised processor is available on demand. All these components confer a complete versatility which permits various uses of the CD-player: in addition to listening to CDs, it can be connected to the TV/DVD-Player via the coaxial and optical connections and it can be used for audio streaming from the computer via the optional USB port.

The drawer type based aluminium transport mechanism JPL2800 custom made in Austria is one of the best worldwide. It provides a guaranteed maximum stability of rotation supplying a digital signal with extremely low jitter levels.
CD-1000 optionally features a digital volume control stage to drive power amplifiers or active speakers directly. All the information of the CD-player like track numbers and time passed is always shown on the big O-Led 3D display.

The output stage is solid state, fully balanced and uses operational circuits with very low noise and distortion from Burr Brown in Dual-Mono configuration. 
Powered by the GN Dual-Mono power supply with two incapsulated toroidal transformers custom made in Italy, the absolute quality of these components guarantees ultra low dispersion and optimal energetic performance. All of this is perceivable as natural clean, detailed and accurate sound.

The air vents are an example of the integration of design and functionality which take form from our multi awarded PH-10 phono stage and features all Gold Note electronics, making them immediately recognisable.

Transport Mechanism

Custom-built in Austria, made of aluminium, guarantees the smoothest rotational stability.

Air Vents

An example of joining design and function, they derive from our multi-awarded phono stage PH-10.


Features the excellent DAC BurrBrown converters already used for our DAC DS-1000, enables both the connection to TV/DVD-Player and audio streaming via PC.

Modular Design

Add external units like the inductive power supply PSU-1000/1250 or the Class-A valve output stage TUBE-1006/1012 in order to increase the performance of CD-1000