Furutech: FP-706F(R)

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4 Pin Balansert XLR Hun Kontakt

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Furutech makes a wide variety of OEM parts known the world over for their quality construction and superb sound. Our engineers examine every part of the signal and power path no matter how small and optimize each and every connection.

Furutech's beautifully finished, beautiful sounding FP-705M / FP-706F connectors features Alpha copper alloy consuctors set in a special PBT / fiberglass resin insulation for minimal impedance and for high soldering temperatures. The FP-705M / FP-706F are finished in black painted housings.


  • Main conductor: Rhodium-plated Alpha Copper alloy conductor
  • Insulation with PBT and fiberglass Resin
  • Housing: Nonmagnetic Zinc/Al alloy and Copper alloy (End shell)
  • Connections: Soldered
  • Specified for cable diameters up to 9 mm


  • FP-705M: 18.8mm +/- 0.1mm diameter x 63.2mm +/- 0.1mm overall lenght
  • FP-706F: 19.5mm +/- 0.1mm diameter x 64.2mm +/- 0.1mm overall lenght