ORG kabel Fra Micro B til Micro B kontakter

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ADL OTG  |  On-The-Go Cable series  |  OTG-MA • OTG-Mb • OTG-MM • OTG-MF

optical cables

Not Just Another Pretty Face
The OTG series cable is no ordinary cable; it’s engineered and produced using Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology. The cable features Silver plated α (Alpha) OCC conductors treated with Furutech’s α (Alpha) Process – a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing process and RoHS-Compliant audio grade HDPE insulation. The connectors are Furutech-engineered gold-plated conductors with molded housings formed of RoHS-Compliant audio grade PVC. The cable achieves extremely high noise isolation in a RoHS-compliant audio grade flexible PVC sheath. The result is outstanding, wideband, colorful and engaging sound that audiophiles and music lovers will love.

Micro B to Micro B
    • Product name : OTG-MM-0.1m
    • Product Introduction : Micro B – Micro B
    • Overall length : 10cm (0.39ft)

  • Product name : OTG-MM-0.18m
  • Product Introduction : Micro B – Micro B
  • Overall length : 18cm (0.7ft)