Brands / products for export / sale to countries outside Norway:

The record store ( Vinyl and CD/SACD ):                                  
The world
Black Magic Cables  ( audio and power cables ):                     The world
Black Magic Cones ( vibration / resonance control ):              The world
AlsyVox ( loudspeakers ):                                                           Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Island, UK, Germany, Austria, Polen, Estland, Latvia, Litauen, Israel .....
CODA Technologies ( pre/phono/integr/power amplifiers ):    UK, Island, Finland, Estland, Latvia, Litauen, Polen, Spain, Portogal, Greece, Israel.....    
KRIX ( loudspeakers ):                                                                 Sweden, Denmark
Sutherland ( phono stages ):                                                       Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Island, Polen, 

Shipping charges for export do not follow the Norwegian domestic charge so we will make contact and calculate the shipping charge for every single order.

Some shipments ( for more expensive products ) may be free of shipping charges when they are over a certain value.  We`ll agree for each shipment.

Feel free to send an e-mail for inquiry

We are also looking for dealers in all countries